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Odour control treatment plants and air scrubber maintenance

We offer complete maintenance service for air pollution and odour control treatment plants and air scrubbers.

FGM maintener are highly skilled so they can cope indipendently ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.

Our plants and equipments are designed to contain air emissions above imposed limits. Therefore they need only ordinary maintenance as every other machine.

If there is not an external cause indeed, our equipment works independently and automatically inside ordinary maintenance time lapse.

We offer maintenance service also on third party air scrubbers or air pollution control treatment plants.

Maintenance of air pollution and odour control treatment plant as a consequence of clogging

Probably the understatement of specific pollution issue (such as dust) during the design of an air pollution control treatment plant shows as frequent clogging of equipments.

As a consequence the customer has to stop the plant and:

  • Open manholes
  • Control the cleanliness state of filling bodies
  • Control the cleanliness of demister(s)

The cause of anomalies and misfunctioning in air scrubber are many, indeed:

  • Loss of accuracy in pH-meter and ORP-meter
  • Air scrubber improper use
  • Dirty washing solution due to low frequency of refreshness